Thursday, March 8, 2007

Day 53 - White Egrets on the Causeway

I was having one of those days at work today so at lunchtime I decided to head over to the causeway and take some pictures.. worse that could happen is I would not get anything but I would have soaked up some sunlight. When I got over there to my favorite spot, the pelicans were out. But,then, I went over just a bit to another spot someone told me about and found the white egrets. I love these birds.... The white is so hard to capture without blowing out the picture. But hey, maybe I'll get more practice now that I've found out where they hang out.

While I was taking the pictures of the egrets, this pelican swam by and waved at me.

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Anna said...

Love all the white egrets! I too have such a hard time not blowing them out, especially in this bright Florida sun. I see you got both Great White and Snowy Egrets!
I especially love the pelican storyboard. You should have left the size a bit you can really see it, as it is a cute storyboard! You should have this one printed up big and framed for the wall.