Thursday, March 1, 2007

Day 46 - Revisiting Earlier Days

Well today was one of those days... work was frantic... and the weather matched the mood... it was raining all day.. with tornado warnings... in fact there were some deaths in the state due to tornados... So I didn't get any shooting done.. and when I got home my internet service was down... I finally got it back up.... but basically I just wasn't in the mood to dig out the camera.... so I decided to revisit some pictures I took last week. I couldn't really decide what I thought about this shot... but I think I do like it... the sunset really had the wood on the old pier glowing... I didn't do anything to adjust that color either with filters or post processing.. Anyway...I didn't take it today.. but I wanted to post something.. :)


shell said...

You sure get some beautiful color down there, girl!

Anna said...

I always love your sunsets...wish we had more like that down here. I love the sillouette of the heron, and the golden glow to the wood looks neat...sort of molten.